Investing in Casino Stocks

Over the years and through my travels, I have become familiar with different ways to invest my hard earned money. Actually, one of the best and most recommended investments has been in casino stocks. I first heard of this from a Swedish friend of mine who mentioned the many emerging Swedish online casinos and software […]

What is motivation

When I was studying I had a goal in sight. I wanted to take a double degree, against all odds. I wanted to get an as broad education as possible and I wanted to use the time I had. I think I succeed fairly well, at least with my studies. What was the key? I […]

Älska måndagar

Tiden flyger fram just nu. När jag gick i skolan så insåg jag ganska snabbt att jag till skillnad från min klasskompisar tyckte bäst om måndagar. På måndagen har man en hel vecka framför sig med tid. tid man kan använda till massa saker. När tiden flyger fram och man har mycket att göra så […]

Learn something of being unemployed

I believe I can learn a lot from being unemployed for a while. The first thing I have realized is that every job counts. It doesn’t matter if someone works at a coffee house, at the supermarket or as CEO. A job is always a job and I will honour everyone that is working and paying their dues.

Less irritation

Yet another day is approaching… Has anybody seen the TV series Friends? If you do, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t I urge you to start watching. I believe that laughter is the best medicine of all. If you laugh to feel more happy and relaxed. I usually watch at least one episode of my favorite TV comedies everyday. How can this help in your everyday life then?

New year, new opportunities

Many books talk about the power of food. How different foods have different energy levels. For example is meat harder for the body to process than a salad. Therefore you may feel tired after finishing a steak, but sharp and alert after a light salad. I have not paid much attention to this fact before since I am a great meat lover. My New Year promise though, is to eat a vegetarian diet for 30 days.

Does the annoying sunshine shine on you too?

Have you ever gotten annoyed when you get the sun in your eyes while studying or sitting indoor? I have many times, I used to think… How did it find me this time? Damn sun! How about changing the way we look at things – when the sun finds you the next time… Why get annoyed, lets smile instead and say hello. The sun only wants to shine on you because you are special.

Time for a new challenge

I greatest weakness is my reading performance. I have always read extremely slow. In first, second and third grade I used to say that I have read the book in class, though I hadn’t. I have always dreaded reading aloud to. It is time to change. This first part of the semester, August to October I have to read about 2000 pages in different book and journals.

Change is something good

ough times are great times though. It is an opportunity to grow and to examine yourself or your organization. It is easy to be a top manager when everything is good: the customers are loyal, the company makes great profit and the competition is low.