Are you innovative?


Today is an excellent day to live. I am in a great mood and the sun is shining outside my window. What is the difference between a victim and a leader? I have sad it before, the leaders takes responsibility for everything around them. Everyone can be a leader even though you do not have a fancy title like CEO or FEO. You can influence others by setting a great example! Work at your absolute best every day and you inspire them to do a better job too. If you want others to be helpful, start by being extremely helpful yourself.

Being creative is very important in business and in life in general today. Customers expect you to find new solutions to their problems. If you not steadily improve your performance even if you are the best today, some else will eventually be better than you. Without innovation you will soon understand what meritocracy mean. What does innovation mean than? Is it about finding totally revolutionary solutions everyday? No, innovation is more about small steps to excellence; it’s about evolution, not revolution. Start your day by asking questions like;

  • What can I improve today?
  • What would my costumer think of this solution?
  • What can I do to work faster?
  • How can I boost my productivity?
Simply ask yourself, what can I do today to make this day even better than yesterday? AS you can see, innovation is not something that just the super-smart people at companies like Google, Apple, Sony or Ericsson can do. Innovation is something that everyone can do. Do many small things in a special direction over time and you will soon see great results. Think of it as the law of compounding interests.


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