I was born in Jönköping nearly 30 years ago. Long before I started school my farther began teaching me math through card games.DSC_8817 He also taught me about everything from how a sewage plant to how to cut down a tree works. I believe I owe a lot of my curiosity to him and he gave me a head start in life. I’ve always like learning new things, and through 20 years of schooling I’ve love each day.

I knew early in life that I wanted to become something big. I wanted to make the world a better place, and use my skills, knowledge and will to do Good. This ambition has not changed and I still believe that I can do many things to improve the world we all live in.

My plan for high school was done before I was 13 years old. I wanted to study science to get the best education in high school and the greatest opportunities for university studies. High school was fun and educational, but I was already planning my next adventures.

After high school I was tired of studying. I wanted to find inspiration to study again so I took a mundane job in parcel sorting at Schenker. The mundane job turned out to be fun and I put all my energy to work. The first year I worked more than 200h overtime and I quickly got promoted. I tried everything that the department had to offer and I was group leader for 10 people, much older than myself. After 1,5 years I took my next step. I moved to Berlin to improve my German.


I had studied German 7 years in school, and I wanted to speak it fluently so I packed my bags and moved to Berlin. Berlin is a wonderful city and I studied at Akademie für Fremdsprache. I enjoyed studying again and my Germany rapidly improved. In Berlin I started building an international network. I still have many friends from that time. After I finished 6 months later, I had managed the toughest courses the school had to offer (step 6/6). I can’t say that I speak German fluently, but I have a great foundation to stand on and I firmly believe that I’d speak fluent German if I would live in Germany for another 6 months. My girlfriend at the time stayed in Sweden for her university studies. As she was offered a spot as exchange student in Melbourne Australia I left Berlin after 6 months and continued my journey to Australia.


Ayres Rock, Australia: A Kangaroo warning road sign in the desert near UluruAustralia is another nice place to visit. We lived in Melbourne for 6 months. She was studying at Melbourne University and I was working on a golf course. It was exciting leaving everything with 2 bags to move “down under”. I learned many things about the Australian culture and I gain some important experience about their way of working. Today I also know that everything is possible. I can go wherever I want and I know that I’ll manage it. I went to Melbourne with neither job nor a place to stay, but we fixed everything in a few days. We travelled a lot, both in Australia and to New Zeeland. During our travels I wrote a dairy online and I discovered that I enjoy writing. This is something I’ve had great use of at the university.


When we left Australia, my new target was the university. I wanted to study, the inspiration had come back and I knew what I wanted to do. A friend lived in Luleå, in the northernmost of Sweden and he recommended my to study there. I loved snow and real winter so the decision was easy to make. I aimed for diversity in my studies. My specialization is to understand everyone in the company and be able to take on different roles. There are people that are more skilled for a particular position than I am, but I’m very adaptable to change and can quickly switch from one area to another, which a highly specialized person has more difficulties to do.

My time in Luleå was my the best I’ve had so far. In the classrooms I could live out and new knowledge poured in through all my senses every day. I also made many friends, enjoyed the winter climate and worked in different projects for the university. Luleå University of Technology offered me the education I wanted and also provided a whole extra program to me on the side.

In 2013 my studies were finished. I graduated with the double degree I wanted. (This you can read more about on the Education page.) It was time to test my skills in the real world.