Business Development

Why Business development:

We’re living in an ever-changing world. The speed of change is increasing; some people like change, others hate it. I believe change is good and that it creates new possibilities. Business development is all about finding new ways of doing business – develop a product or develop a market. I think I have a lot to offer in this area, especially when we need to think outside the box.

Prior Experiences.

  • I’ve worked with business development  both at Autoliv and Catena. At Autoliv I met all the top salesmen and took part in the development of a new sales strategy.
  • As part of my role as Director Business Strategy I structured the business plan for the whole organization. The report discussed areas like customers, market development and competitors. I conducted, with help from the business unit team, a long row of analysis for the business plan.
  • For me sales is so much more than just sales. I look at it long term, since I believe that one satisfied customer is worth more than 5 dissatisfied customers. I also look at a product from many perspectives to determine what the true value for our customers is.
  • To look at a product from the customers point of view helps you not only to get the right price today, but also to develop products the customers need tomorrow.
  • At Catena I have evaluated contracts with both suppliers and customers to determine if we get paid for what service we provide. Another part of the job has been to develop new marketing strategies through email and direct adds.

What would make me a good business developer:

Even if I don’t use everything I learned at the university I have realized that it has given me a different approach to problem solving and that I think in different patterns than most other people. I don’t see the same problems, and I often find another solution to a difficulty than my colleagues. I read a lot, which gives me inputs and new ideas every day. This all combine, I think will make me a terrific business developer. Add to that, that I like to improve stuff around me and I think we have a perfect mix to get a successful business developer.

// Anders Bergman