Change is something good


It has been a while since my last text. It has been a tough time at school. I have just written my last exam for the summer. I had two economics exams, which I didn’t have time for last year. Tough times are great times though. It is an opportunity to grow and to examine yourself or your organization. It is easy to be a top manager when everything is good: the customers are loyal, the  company makes great profit and the competition is low. It’s when times get harder you really need to show what you are made of. Warren Buffert speaks of this in one of his books, Management Secrets. It a great book, in which Warren talks about how to manage firms, what firms you should choose to work for and how to treat the people around you. The person that has inspired Warren Buffert the most is Dale Carnegie program How to win friends and influence people. That book is a real masterpiece. I have read it many times and I will probably make a lot of references to that book in later texts. It was fun to see how much Dale Carnegie’s work has inspired a business leader like Warren Buffert

About change, change is something inevitable everywhere at any time. It is just foolish to try and resist it. It is better to lean into it. Embrace the change and make it a part of who you are.  Change is something that nobody really likes. As human beings we like the security of knowing what is going on. But when something changes, we don’t know exactly what is going to happen. That makes us scared and we try to avoid it.

Here is a thought, what if the changing edge is the safest place to be. Right in the middle of the change. If we don’t change and improve our performance, someone else will move ahead of us and steal our customers. Change is uncomfortable, but what if that is good. You will not develop as long as you are not a bit uncomfortable in what you are doing. The funny thing is that the more time we spend outside our comfort zone the more it will expand. I talked to a girl yesterday. She was insanely scared of snakes. To kill the fear she spend a day with a kind therapist. In the beginning of the day she cried and screamed when she saw a toy snake. As the day progressed she talked about and saw snaked in different environments. She spend time outside her comfort zone. By the end of the day she had a snake in her hand. She might not have liked it, but what an improvement in just a day. The conclusion is that being uncomfortable for a while is good. It is then we expand our limits. If you are terrified of speaking in front of an audience. It is just the place you should spend most of your time in.


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