Commitment to Mastery

There can only be one person who is best in the world at one particular thing… Let that person be you! I believe that every one of us can be so much more than we are today. Too many set their bar too low. If don’t even dream big dreams, how are you ever suppose to reach the top in your profession? There is a famous saying; if you reach for the stars you land on the moon. For you who know me, you know that I dream the biggest dreams. I really want to do so much all the time. And to you that say that I dream too big dreams, that I should be realistic, the only thing I can say is; I will show you!

Once again, begin by doing your absolute best all the time. There is nothing so rewarding as the feeling when you have done something really good. We’re living in a global world, there companies form China compete with companies from Sweden about who can be the best supplier for that American company. The world has never before seen such competition. I am a student in my final year at the university. In 10 months I will be on the market of labour competing with all the others. The competition is fears between the mediocre once, but at the top of every profession there are only a few competing about the jobs. It is in fact easier to work on the top than on the “bottom” the competition is less intense there. With a commitment to mastery, you will not only make more money, you will also find it easier to get the job you want. I believe that everyone think it is very satisfying when your peers come to you with their questions. Aim at being the first, the most, the only and the best!

Tomorrow when you’re at your job, ask yourself; what would, the person who is best in the world at what I do, do right now? We will not reach excellence over a night. Mastery takes time. It’ll take about 10 000h before you reach world class at what you do, 10 000h of focus on the most important things. It seems like an eternity, but remember that even the longest trip most begin with a first step. It is usually the first step that is the hardest to take. It takes both courage and discipline to do that. “Focus married to time, creates Mastery” (LTW) 



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