Does the annoying sunshine shine on you too?


it has been a long time since my last text. Before I go to bed I need to spread some wisdom. Have you ever gotten annoyed when you get the sun in your eyes while studying or sitting indoor? I have many times, I used to think… How did it find me this time? Damn sun! How about changing the way we look at things – when the sun finds you the next time… Why get annoyed, lets smile instead and say hello. The sun only wants to shine on you because you are special…

Another very disturbing thing is noise! I have some major concentration problems when it is noisy around me… I simply can’t think of anything else. It just hit me the other day – it is just the same as with sun, just change the way we perceive things. The source of the noisy only wants your appreciation and attention to say hello. When you have done that, it is not noise anymore. When you can let it be.

Try this and see if it can help you too

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