Doing good business is good business


Has anyone seen the documentary ”The Corporation”? It is about business ethics. In that film they start by a few bad apples. Bad apples means companies that does not care about anything but making money. They have no ethics at all. I highly recommend you to see that documentary. 

This blog will be about the importance of business ethics and authenticity. It has never been so important to be authentic as it is today. You have to be honest to everybody and above all you have to be honest to yourself.If you promise something, do everything you can to keep that promise. It is essential to be trustworthy. Try to always be yourself. There is few things as powerful as a leader who is confident in himself. According to Michael Jordan authenticity is about; being true to who you are, even when everybody a round you wants you to be someone else. The more leadership you will show, the more criticism you will face. Don’t worry about criticism it is just people’s fear of change. It is then you don’t get any criticism you should be worried.

In the world we live in today some companies are so called bad apples. But I believe that doing good business is very good for your business in the long run. If you trick someone today, you might make a high profit on that deal, but what happens next time you try to do business with that person. We can not afford to screw any of our customers. In marketing we learn that a customer is usually not profitable the first year and getting new customers are very expensive. Therefore it is important to do good business for both parties. One unsatisfied costumer can destroy your whole reputation, but one delighted customer can also be great free advertising for your company.

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