I’m proud to say that I achieved my goals. I managed to study two programs parallel for more than 3 years. This has not only given my a unique combination of engineering and economics, but has also taught me many things about prioritizing between task, how to handle stress and that everything is possible if you want it strong enough…

  2007 – 2013          Industrial Management and Engineering LTU*

–         Master in Quality Management

–         Master in Strategic Business Development

                                                                         * Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

2008 – 2012         MSc. in Economics LTU*

2006 – 2006        German studies, Akademie für Fremdsprache, Berlin


I’ve always been ambitious so when I started at the university I set my bar high. I had a firm believe in the connection between how much you learn and how good grades you get. Hence I wanted as high grades as possible. Before my studies began I set several target for myself. I wanted an education that would make me competitive and something that stack out. This is what I did:

My Educational Plan

My Educational Plan


I focused on four areas:

  • Logical thinking and problem solving
  • Economics
  • Quality
  • Strategy

As a leader in any field or manager on any level you need to understand the economic figures and how they affect the day-to-day business. I chose to study Industrial engineering because it was a mixture between engineering and economics. But in my second year I realized that I wanted to know more. I wanted a full education in economics to understand how the economy is built up and how it affects our lives. Hence I began my economics studies parallel to my engineering studies.

For me it has always been important to organize and structure things. It’s first when you know what you face you can start solving a problem. Mathematics at the university is no longer mathematics. It’s all logic. Logic thinking and training in problem solving. I’ve always loved mathematics for that and I got high marks in mathematics. We were trained to never giving up, and perhaps sit with one task for several hours. There is a fantastic satisfaction when you solve something after you have tampered with it for a long time.

The third area was quality. Sweden is a high cost country that rarely can compete with a low price. Instead we need to focus on innovation and quality. I’m proud of the brand ”Swedish quality” and I believe this is the only way to go. Therefore I became a quality engineer, with specialities within Six Sigma, statistic process control and quality managementIf you would hire me, you would get a person that firmly believes in high quality and continues improvements. 

One day I’d like to work in Top management, or perhaps have my own company. Not only then is the understanding of strategy important. The person that can embrace change and put the business into a bigger picture will have an advantage. A subordinate can focus on the task at hand, while the manager need to know what the task will be tomorrow. Hence I put in the extra work to get all the courses for a master degree in Strategic Business Development as a bonus to my other master degree in Quality Management.

// Anders Bergman