Investing in Casino Stocks

Over the years and through my travels, I have become familiar with different ways to invest my hard earned money. Actually, one of the best and most recommended investments has been in casino stocks.

I first heard of this from a Swedish friend of mine who mentioned the many emerging Swedish online casinos and software companies. This caught my attention because at the time, I had a bit of extra money, and wanted to put it towards a good investment.

Getting Started

I started to read about the gambling industry. I found the numbers extraordinarily impressive. According to Business Insider, the gambling industry in the United States alone is worth $240 billion. That piqued my interest.

Through more research, I learned about some of the different markets such as land-based casinos, online casinos, sportsbook, poker, and so on. Each has their own local and international trends.

First, I took a look at some of the obvious places to invest such as those large casino resorts in Las Vegas. I read more about the famous gambling resorts such as MGM Resorts ($MGM), Wynn Resorts ($WYNN), or Las Vegas Sands ($LVS). These companies not only operate in the United States, but have huge, successful casinos and hotels worldwide. Still, I wanted to tap into newer markets to see greater returns. Not to mention, I had read that some of the larger gambling cities had taken a hit over the past decade or two.

Although certain famous gambling cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City have suffered in recent years, the online casino industry has seen tremendous growth in all parts of the world, especially in my home country of Sweden. New Swedish brands continue to open or grow like Net Entertainment, Betsson, and GTECH have become extremely successful in the global market.


First-Hand Research

At first, I knew very little about the casino industry, especially the online gambling arena. Still, portals helped me to familiarize myself. I learned about more brands like Kriita and researched their popularity.

I also consulted with a financial advisor to get some more tips. The financial advisor suggested that I register at some of the casinos. This would give me a strong intuition about which brands would make a good investment and grow as a company.

I decided to play Frank casino, which appeared to have a large variety of modern games. In viewing other gambling sites, I could see how this offered a good source of entertainment with proper licensing.

Through my careful research and experience playing online, I started to get a better idea of how to invest my money. It turns out that my hunches proved correct. In the end, “gambling on gambling” makes a lot of sense. Looking at different trends in the online gambling industry, I could make smart investments with large returns. As you get to know the more about casinos (online casinos in particular), this helps in making better choices on where to put your money. Sure, there’s always a risk, but any big pay-off requires some level of risk.

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