Learn something of being unemployed

Sweden has being recognized many times for its comprehensive government system for protecting those who are unemployed. But in Sweden there has always been a discussion about how large the sum the unemployed would get. What is a fair amount? And what should the incentive to work be? I have thought of those questions many times, but I can’t say I got the answer.

I graduated from the university a few months ago and I still haven’t got a job. Is a job a right or something you have tot get for yourself? My belief is that a job is not a right. That is something you have to get and it is your own responsibility. Naturally the government can support the job market with lower taxes for young people, extra education and so on… But in the end, it’s one’s own responsibility to be enough desirable to get the job you want.

What can I learn about being unemployed? Is it really fun staying at home, waiting for that phone call that will change your situation?

No, it is not fun doing nothing and I believe most people think like me. Everyone wants to contribute. Everyone wants to feel important and everyone wants stand own their own feet.

I believe I can learn a lot from being unemployed for a while. The first thing I have realized is that every job counts. It doesn’t matter if someone works at a coffee house, at the supermarket or as CEO. A job is always a job and I will honour everyone that is working and paying their dues.

Second, it is not easy to get job even though you have a killer education. How hard is it then for someone who is not that fortunate? A friend of mine has been unemployed for two year and he has five years of university studies behind him.

If you don’t get a job make the time you don’t work worth living by doing something while looking for a job. Don’t hesitate. Create new creative habits. Read a lot of book, while you have the time and find new things that inspire you. Maybe you find something you think is really interesting and that create new opportunities for you…

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