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Good Morning!

Yet another day is approaching… Has anybody seen the TV series Friends? If you do, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t I urge you to start watching. I believe that laughter is the best medicine of all. If you laugh to feel more happy and relaxed. I usually watch at least one episode of my favourite TV comedies everyday. How can this help in your everyday life then?

Well, a few weeks ago, just before Christmas we finally got the first snow of the season. We got a lot of snow too! I was so happy about it. When the snow come it usually stay the whole winter, but not this time. Some days later I heard it raining, raining and raining… my snow was melting away. When I went from the school that day it was about 30cm snow mod around my feet. Everything was wet and I went extremely frustrated. Then I remembered a scene from Friends. Ross’ and Monica’s grandma has just past away and they are at the reception after the funeral. At the same time there is a major sport event on TV and somehow Joey has got a portable TV. All the men is watching the game. In the end the team everyone is cheering for looses. Then Ross’s dad spontaneously say; ”Now I am really depressed.” When I remembered that scene I laughed out in the snow mod. Who could do anything else? My misery was not that important anymore. Instead of feeling sad my mood switched and I felt happy. Thank you Friends!

The average 4 year old baby laughs around 300 times a day. The average adult laughs 15 times, who is the easiest to be around? We usually prefer glad people rather than sumber once, because vivid people make us feel happy too.

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