Management Consulting

Why management consulting:

Management consulting is perhaps the most interesting area of all. What interest me most is to make difference: help companies to improve their processes and meet new difficulties every day. Another part is the daily interaction with customers and that you’re working with people. I’d like to have smart and hard working people around me. I think that the brightest and most ambitious people are working in management consulting. Management consulting is also a great place to learn. I’d get specialized in a problem solving methodology, which will help me handle difficulties in all aspects of life. But most of all, I think I would make a good management consultant and that I would really enjoy every day at work.

Prior Experience:

  • I have not worked as a consultant before, but I have worked with management consultants. I have worked a long side a really good management consultant during my time at Autoliv. I’ve seen management consulting from a customers perspective. This gave me a good insight to what a management consultant does and what difficulties one might encounter. He inspired me to be a management consultant.
  • I’ve always liked solving problems and I’ve heard many times that I would make a good management consultant because of my structural approach and ability to fast come up with a solution.
  • At Autoliv I worked long hours, something I liked. This is something you often do as a management consultant too.
  • I’ve got long experience of processing data into workable information, both from Autoliv and from my two master thesis. In total I’ve done more than 50 group presentations and I have lectured in front of 500 students.

What would make me a good management consultant:

  • First of all I believe my ability to handle people would be useful. I’m an open-minded person that easily connects with others.
  • My cheerful and enthusiastic approach will give the customers a positive attitude towards the company, which will make the current project easier to handle as well as to get new business.
  • I can inspire and motivate people to do things that they never would do otherwise. This ability has been shown both at work and among my friends.
  • I’m a structured and organized person that always finishes what I start. I’ve got strong analytical skills and I’m good at finding the important details in a big dataset.
  • I’ve got a wide university background combined with some interesting experience from top management. This has given me a holistic understanding of a company; how different areas of the company are interlinked. I believe this not only will help me understand problems that I might encounter as a consultant, but also help me explain the problem to others.
  • I’m adaptable, I like working at high speed and under pressure. I’m used to deliver results and meeting high demands. Study two programs at once also taught me how to value my time and to prioritize between different tasks.

// Anders Bergman