Most important asset is your health


the sun rose late today… I overslept! I have another week to my economics exam and I am some what ahead of schedule, so I am taking a few hours off. Today I will talk a little about the importance of your health. I few days ago I talked about goals. One of your prime goals should be an excellent health! Being healthy is something we take your granted every day. But the day we become ill we do anything to become well again. Healthy is our prime state. This is something we should strive for every day! Take some time off to do some kind of exercise every day often week. Workout does not only make you more fit. It also give you more energy and better concentration.

When I set up my health goals I divided them into three groups.

1. Nutrition – The food I eat

2. Workout – Different kinds of exercises

3. General – Relationships, friends, dress warmly

I have around 50 goals to increase my health. What I did was to rate each factor the day I wrote the goal on the scale 1-10 (10 best). That day I had 4,7 in average. That is something I intend to improve significantly. Nothing less than 8,5 is okay from my point of view,even though it very hard to get a 10.

What I have done so far is to improve my nutrition a great deal. I need to say that I am one of those people who loves candy… I am addicted to sugar!  The first thing I have done is to minimize the amount of sugar in my diet. I don’t buy candy in more than very small packages and I don’t drink anything like coke. I have realized that I can’t eat little candy once a week. I have to stop eating it at all. At the moment I eat maybe 2 small small pieces a day. What I also have realized is that 50 pieces in 60 minutes are not better than 10, eaten slowly in the same time! When I eat, I try to eat it very slowly so it last longer. Try that!

In addition to less sugar, I have begun eating vegetables like tomatoes, salad and cucumbers. I have also added nuts and more fruit to my diet. I have not stopped eating meat though, because I think meat is a really important source of protein and I like it to much. I will try though to add a few vegetarian meals per week.

When it comes to exercising, I so workout at least 5 times a week. Since I came back to Lulea I have started I now fitness program called ”Nordic crossfit”. It is very intense workout, not really like lifting some weights at the gym every 5 minutes or so. I think it is fun too. No day look the same, but it is tough in the beginning. I don’t know how to do all the exercises yet. I recommend you to try it, but give it at least a month before you decide whether to continue or give up. I intend to increase the number of sessions in a few weeks.

To the last group of health goals, the general. I believe that with you a great personal relationship life, your health will not improve what every you do. You need to have a good relationship to your family and your friends. There are so much positive energy in this area, that you can’t live without. At least you can’t be happy unless you have some friendly people around you. You will be depressed and I think health is a state of mind. I state of happiness. So if you’re not happy at home, you will not feel healthy. Some other general health goals are leisure time, sleep, relaxation, not get cold when you’re outside and have a good time at work.

I urge you to set your own health goals and make them a part of your life. You will see improvements fast, that I can promise you!

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