My First blog

This will be a blog about my personal development. I will write it as a journal of what I am achieving, what  I am thinking and how I will go about. The blog is written in English because most of the literature I’m reading is in English, and that I see this as a great opportunity to improve my English typing skills.

I read and listen to a lot of books. I think it is an excellent way to learn and a great way to spend your time. If I find out how, I’ll do some books reviews. The last book I read was ”The Leader Without a Title” by Robin Sharma. I don’t know anyone can benefit from what I am writing, but hey, I give it a try anyway.

So, who am I. That is a good question I once asked a stranger in Germany. Of course, I didn’t mean to ask him that. It  was just that the word to who (wer) and where (wo) is very similar if you come from Sweden at least. Anyway, I German only looked confused at me until I corrected my mistake. Anyhow, my name is Anders Bergman. I am 26 years of age and I am a student. I have the last 4 years studied Industrial Engineering and Economics. I live in Lulea, in the northernmost of Sweden. Yes, it is cold in the winter, but I love it! Enough about me, I will add more in my profile later.


Since this is a blog about personal development I will start with my ”Daily 5”. My daily 5 is a list of 5 things I will do to day to enhance my goals. Each task is a little step on the way to a better life. There is a famous saying, ”Yard by Yard is hard, but inch by inch everything is a cinch”. If I can do five thing, five small goals every day I’ll done more than 2000 in a year. My Daily 5 today is:
1. Review my goals
2. Find 5 interesting Annual Reports
3. Make some positive Affirmations about yourself for today.
4. Work in a healthy working position the whole day.
5. Connect your studies in economics to some real occurrence, make your own example and think about how you could teach it to someone else.

Everyone should sit down and write down your own goals. What are you interested in? What do you want? Where would like to go? How would your like to be remembered after your death? Goals are very  important because you can’t hit a target you can’t see. And if you don’t follow your own goals you are doomed forever to follow someone else’s goals. Because you will always try to reach some goals.Let’s see that it’s your own goals to are aiming for!

An affirmation is another word for positive thinking. For example, today I’ll etch in to my mind, I am good at concentration. I am good at economics and will understand everything I read. I think economics is easy and fun. If you think that over and over in the morning you’ll do better in the day.

Last for now, today I overslept. I went up at 5:37am. If you go up at 5am you will have a much longer day than if you go up at 9am. Try it, you will never believe how much time you have before lunch break.

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