New year, new opportunities


It’s has been a very long time since last I wrote something. There has simple been a lot of things going on in my life lately. I’ve finished my last courses at the university. Now there are only my two master thesis left, but that it not what I am supposed to talk about here. Since last time I have read a new great book a few times. It is called “The Munk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. He has inspired me again. In addition I’m in the middle of “17 laws of success” by Napoleon Hill.

Many books talk about the power of food. How different foods have different energy levels. For example is meat harder for the body to process than a salad. Therefore you may feel tired after finishing a steak, but sharp and alert after a light salad. I have not paid much attention to this fact before since I am a great meat lover. My New Year promise though, is to eat a vegetarian diet for 30 days. This is a real challenge for me and I am excited to see if I will feel any differently health wise. It is always good to challenge yourself to do new stuff. It is on the edge where we develop the most and to achieve small goals helps to motivate us for bigger challenges.

I will also try to rise at 5am every morning in January. I have tried it before and I felt quite good when I did it, but for different reasons I had to quit. I will give this I new try. Everything is so quite in the morning and I get two additional hours before anyone else rises. These hours I can use to develop myself and improve any of your skills. One ability I like to improve is my ability concentrate on one thing for the time it takes to finish it. This I will do by using a technique called ”the heart of the Rose”. It is very simply. All you need is a rose and some quit time. Try to focus all your thoughts on the rose for five minutes. See the forms of the leaves, the color and the smell. This is an exercise to bend your thoughts after your will. As soon as you thing of something else try and refocus on the flower. This will be very difficult in the beginning, but after some time you will be able to focus on the rose for 20 minutes without losing your concentration. The ability of focused thoughts will help you in whatever you want to do, because you can then put all your energy on the thing at hand.


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