Doing good business is good business

Has anyone seen the documentary ”The Corporation”? It is about business ethics. In that film they start by a few bad apples. Bad apples means companies that does not care about anything but making money. They have no ethics at all. I highly recommend you to see that documentary.

Commitment to Mastery

omorrow when you’re at your job, ask yourself; what would, the person who is best in the world at what I do, do right now? We will not reach excellence over a night. Mastery takes time. It’ll take about 10 000h before you reach world class at what you do, 10 000h of focus on the most important things.

Are you innovative?

Being creative is very important in business and in life in general today. Customers expect you to find new solutions to their problems. If you not steadily improve your performance even if you are the best today, some else will eventually be better than you. Without innovation you will soon understand what meritocracy mean.

Most important asset is your health

I have around 50 goals to increase my health. What I did was to rate each factor the day I wrote the goal on the scale 1-10 (10 best). That day I had 4,7 in average. That is something I intend to improve significantly. Nothing less than 8,5 is okay from my point of view,even though it very hard to get a 10.

The importance of goals

Today I will emphasize the importance of goals again. The point with your daily 5 is to start working towards your goals. The first thing you need to do is to sit down for an afternoon or so and write down your goals in life. It can be anything from financial independence to a healthy body.

The day’s Reflection

You are playing a victim, my friend told me. You’re blaming everyone else for everything bad that is happening to you. I didn’t really understand what she meant. Yes, I usually blame others for things that don’t go as planed, but me a victim!??

With the morning comes the morning sun!

Hi, did you know that what you think about in the morning will effect how you feel the rest of the day? If we think good thought, we will feel better later on. Why not start the day with some happy thoughts? For example, think about all you can be grateful for, all you things […]

My First blog

Hi,This will be a blog about my personal development. I will write it as a journal of what I am achieving, what  I am thinking and how I will go about. The blog is written in English because most of the literature I’m reading is in English, and that I see this as a great […]