Professional Experience

Catena Media 2013-2014

Position: Consulting as Strategic Business Developer

Job description:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO); get to Top 5 in Google.
  • Create a business strategy
  • Evaluating contracts
  • Negotiating with customers and suppliers

From this job I bring the experience of long negotiations and how to build a long- term strategy in a fast changing environment. I’ve gained an understanding of how the SEO works and all the opportunities Internet gives us.


Autoliv 2013

Position: Dir. Business Strategy and Development

Job description:

  • CEO support, building presentations
  • Planning and attending executive meetings
  • Structure the business plan
  • Project manager

I worked closely with the CEO of Autoliv with business and corporate strategy. I was responsible for creating all the material the CEO needed for the executive and board meetings. I had no executive power, but attended all executive meeting and learnt about what questions and strategic difficulties a multinational company may face. I attended sales meeting in Japan, US and Germany and I was a key player in the planning of the annual TOP80 meeting. I met investment bankers to discuss possible business and built up a large international network within the company.

As part of the business strategy I worked a lot with the sales organization and I took part in the building of a new sales strategy. I’ve looked at sales and purchasing both from a seller’s and a buyer’s perspective. I had an analytical job so I daily dealt with financial and sales data, trying to understand and process it to information. I also learnt much about myself during my time at Autoliv. I learnt that I like working hard, long hours in a stressful environment.


Sandvik 2012

Position: Quality Engineer, Master Thesis

Job description:

I did my master thesis as part of a job at Sandvik. I worked for the quality department as a quality engineer. My task was to study the hardness and strength of steel during cold pilgering. I used statistical tools and regression analysis to describe how various parameters affected the strength and hardness of steel. The project became very successful and became the foundation for further research within Sandvik. I got experience of working with an ever-changing task.



Scania 2010

Position: Summer Internship

Job description:

  • Assembly Line
  • Lean Production in action
  • Project leader

I gain some important experience about the talk between coworkers on the shop floor. I also had the opportunity to practice lean production and I implemented more than 20 improvements during that summer.


Schenker 2004-2007

Position: Office clerk, team leader, project leader

Job description:

  • Cash collector
  • Team leader
  • Project management
  • Problem solving

I worked hard with parcel sorting. After two months I got promoted to work in the office. Later I became team leader for the sorting staff of 10 people. In addition I drove several improvement projects, saving the company about $70K annually. I worked at Schenker for two years.