Why Purchasing? 

I believe purchasing is a very interesting function of a company. The cost of raw material is often a substantial part of the company’s overall expenditures. Purchasing is the link between production and the suppliers; hence the purchasing department also plays an important role in quality and product development. Some interesting parts of purchasing are: strategic planning, long-term relationship building and business negotiations.

Prior Experiences

  • At Autoliv my interest for purchasing was triggered. Long discussions about in-house/out-house sourcing, supplier/currency risks and continues price pressure in the business excited me.
  • My experience with business development and sales strategy has also given me the possibility to see purchasing from both a seller’s and a buyer’s perspective. This I believe will help me in future negotiations and to understand what is important for the company’s suppliers.
  • At Catena I’ve had tough negotiations with clients in the gaming industry. What I’ve learnt then is that the person that is most prepared often gets the best deals.

What would make me a good purchaser:

I believe purchasing is an important part of the company, and its importance will only grow over time. My greatest strengths as a purchaser would be my ability to build trust in people. I’m an outgoing and open person who easily makes new contacts. At the same time I’m a tough negotiator and have a strategic approach to a business situation. I’ve worked in automotivewhich probably is the industry with the best purchasing departments in the world. I look at things long term and have the intentions to help build a strong purchasing department based on strategic relationships with the companies suppliers. I’ve got a wide university background which can help me understand different aspects of business opportunity.

A regular engineer might be very good at construction, but often lacks the economic perspective of what he/she does. Here is my strength, I can understand the technological aspects of a product as well as its economical.

// Anders Bergman