Special Abilities


I’ve been the person structuring and organizing the plan for many projects. The group has set the targets, after that I’ve been a key player to find the way realize the goals. I’ve got an analytical approach and I’ve processed large amount of data to useful information.


I’m a goal-oriented person that continuously strives to become better. It is when the demands are highlimited time, and there are many things to do that I enjoy working the most.


Last year I lectured in front of 500 students in motivation, concentration and study techniques. I did that to help the new students in Luleå to understand the importance of their choices. For some reason people listen to what I say and I have an ability to inspirer and motive them to do things they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Take Initiatives

I like to do that little extra. I don’t need anyone to tell me explicitly what to do. If I see something that needs to be done, I roll up my sleeves and do it. At the same time I like thinking outside given frames, to find a better solution to a problem.


If anyone needs a hand, I’ll always lend him or her mine. My friends and colleagues would probably say that I look after them and make them feel important. I don’t turn my back on people, even if they might have done that themselves.


I’m loyal to my company and often put the company’s interest before my own. I keep promises, because I believe that’s the right thing to do.


I’m a cheerful and outgoing person. I’m full of energy and I’d like to have fun while working. My enthusiasm is often contagious, so my colleagues often find things funnier too.


I graduated with a double degree because I wanted to learn as much as possible. I take on new challenges and learn things every day. My curiosity drives me forward in an attempt to understand the world around me a little better.


// Anders Bergman