The day’s Reflection

I met an old friend this summer. We had a really good talk about life. She had had a really rough time the last couple of year but was now feeling better than ever. She had find peace in herself. After she had told her story, we started talking about me. I am a person who likes to complain. My temperament is extremely short sometime. For example I can get annoyed of people around me and then things don’t go as fast as I want it to go. You are playing a victim, my friend told me. You’re blaming everyone else for everything bad that is happening to you. I didn’t really understand what she meant. Yes, I usually blame others for things that don’t go as planed, but me a victim!?? Later that night I was at a party and met a friend of hers. We three sat and talk after all the other guests had gone. The funny thing was that they had read many of the books I had read. I didn’t think that anyone would have read those books. One of the books was ”The Secret”, by Rhonda Byrne. The book is about the law of attraction. I have read it many time. The law of attraction states that thoughts become things. What you think about the most comes true, it will be drawn to you. I have had difficulties with some of the concepts… But after some talking about I believe the whole thing will work. It is not just in the secret you come in contact with the law of attraction. When reading about personal development I have read about from many different sources.
I got side tracked… sorry, the real thing I wanted to talk about was the victim. I was recommended a Swedish book named, ”To choose happiness”, by Kay Pollak. It was another great book, and it was very hitting some of my deepest concerns. It began talking about being a victim. And then I realized, I have played a victim for many years. It has always been someone else’s fault! It is time for me to stop blaming others. It is time for me to take full responsibility of my life. From now and on I will try to see the best in everyone and I will not blame others for what is happening to me. It is time to see the possibilities in everything that is occurring. The next time I miss the bus, I’ll see that as an opportunity instead of 15 min lost for every.

That was all for today!

The Daily 5 have been done, and I am a few steps further my future me than I was then I woke up this morning.

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