The importance of goals

Today I will emphasize the importance of goals again. The point with your daily 5 is to start working towards your goals. The first thing you need to do is to sit down for an afternoon or so and write down your goals in life. It can be anything from financial independence to a healthy body. My top 10 goals are mostly about learning, health and what I would like to do in the future. My number one goal is health. I want to be healthy on each level of my life. Being ill is the worst state I know! When you have written down all your goals, the next thing to do is to rank the goals and when set subgoals for each main goal. When you have done all the subgoals you will have finished your prime goal. Back to me, to increase my health today I will do three things in my daily 5: Find a vegetarian recipe, eat a vegetarian dish and try to relax for 20 minutes.

My daily 5:
1. Review goals
2. Rootedness, try to create a happy place.
3. Find a vegetarian recipe
4. Eat a vegetarian dish
5. Relax for 20 minutes.

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