Time for a new challenge


I greatest weakness is my reading performance. I have always read extremely slow. In first, second and third grade I used to say that I have read the book in class, though I hadn’t. I have always dreaded reading aloud to. It is time to change. This first part of the semester, August to October I have to read about 2000 pages in different book and journals. In addition I like to read some newspapers and maybe a few book on my spare time. Today I read about 10-20 pages a hour depending on the literature. I would really like to increase that.

Since I listen to alot of audio programs I have come in contact with a Mr Ed Stracher. Hi is a guru within concentration and learning. I can really recommend his program ”Magical Concentration”. Hi has also developed a reading program, called the Reading Genius. For the next 30 days I will try to learn his methods. I know it will be a great challenge, but if I can comprehend at least a few think and increase my concentration and reading speed with about 5 pages an hour, that would save me a lot of time. I will set the bare high though, I would like to read 100 pages an hour. That would really increase my learning capabilities. I start today and will report my advancements.


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