What is motivation

When I was studying I had a goal in sight. I wanted to take a double degree, against all odds. I wanted to get an as broad education as possible and I wanted to use the time I had. I think I succeed fairly well, at least with my studies. What was the key?

I believe most students can do what I did, I’m not much smarter than anybody else. But I had something most people haven’t. I had the determination to do it. To put in those extra hours it takes and I also had an eagernes to learn more and more.

Motivation to me is to do what other people don’t do. You have to have at fixed target in mind and don’t let anyone take it away from you. If you truly believe in yourself, then you can do anything you set your eyes on! It will also help you when things are tough!

With the right motivation you can put in that extra work that is needed… Good luck

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