With the morning comes the morning sun!


did you know that what you think about in the morning will effect how you feel the rest of the day? If we think good thought, we will feel better later on. Why not start the day with some happy thoughts? For example, think about all you can be grateful for, all you things have and all the skills you have.

Today my Daily 5 is:
1. Find one way to make it funnier to study.
2. Spend 10 minutes searching for articles about SJ (the Swedish Railway)
3. Spend 10 minutes on youtube, checking out videos about meditation and breathing.
4. Make a list of 20 thinks I am good at.
5. Go through Chapter 1 and do the exercises in ”The leader without a Title” LWT

I have a lot do today. I need to read 4 chapters in my economics book and one of my greatest weaknesses is that I am not a very good reader. Reading is something I will work in though. But first I need to pass a few exams in economics.

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